aboutusWhat does World and Wine Getaways do differently than some of the other options on the market today? We have seen countless travel agencies that promise to cater to wine lovers pop up, only to leave the market again a few years later. Why are we different?

One of the reasons that we feel comfortable with our recommendations is because we personally have extensive experience with traveling to wine country areas around the world. We have been to some unpretentious locations and found some high-quality wines. Coincidently, we have been to some of the fancier locations and been left disappointed with the wine quality.

The difference is that at World and Wine Getaways, we do not rely on what others are saying. We firmly believe that if we personally make a recommendation, it has to be one that we am ready to vouch for. This means that we know what wineries to visit to get the best view and best wines. It also means we have spent time figuring out what sights you should see in the vicinity, what hotels are the best hotels to stay in, and what spas you should visit to relax.

Our Affiliations
We cannot possibly be everywhere at once. This means we have to rely on affiliates that we can put our trust in. That is why World and Wine Getaways is only affiliated with a select few organizations that are capable of offering our clients something. Far too often do we see companies just rack up affiliation after affiliation because it ‘looks good’. We prefer strategic alliances with tour companies and travel leaders groups that you can actually benefit from.

A Complete Package
At World and Wine Getaways, we do not merely point you in the right direction and hope you enjoy yourself – we offer as much (or as little) information and guidance as you want. We can help create entire itineraries that help determine what to do in specific areas when you get there. Even if you only go for the wine, it would be nice to take in some sights at the same time.

We Go Beyond
Finally, because of our extensive network and personal experience, we are able to help you consider possibilities that you might not have thought of before. We have the information and knowledge necessary to compliment your own itinerary.

For example, there was one specific instance where a client had only known of one specific preference, and was unfamiliar with some of the other best places to visit. we suggested that they try something ‘off the beaten path’; two different wineries in Santa Barbara and Temecula. The client was impressed with both wineries. He even admitted he would not have known about these wineries if he had searched for them himself.

So what is the World and Wine Getaways difference? We prefer to look at each trip as though we were the ones going ourselves. We want the best for ourselves, so we always make sure to offer you the best possible options as well.