Wine Ratings

How Much Do Wine Scores Matter?

And Are Professional Ratings More Important Than Us Novices? Early on in my wine tasting life, I was completely new to the scene and needed some guidance.  So where does one look for information on a particular subject that they are unfamiliar with?  Why they go to people who know what they are talking about…


Nose on a wine

Developing Your Wine Palate

Don’t Worry, This Isn’t Something That Will Happen Overnight Many of us when we first started wine tasting noticed others swirling their wine, sticking their nose in the glass, and start commenting on what they just experienced.  Then you probably wondered what are they doing?  Then you ask yourself ‘Do you have do all they…


Stress Free Holiday Travel

Stress Free Travel During The Holidays

Yes, It Is Possible! Traveling nowadays in general can be stressful enough even when it is not the holidays.  But travel during the holidays can bring stress to a new level. But with a little planning, the stress level can be reduced dramatically. In this article written by Gilbert Ott for Conde Nast Traveler called…