Jetblue Airplane

More Cheap Airfare Coming From Jetblue

You Need To Look At International Rates Starting At $50 One-Way Last week I made you all aware of Jetblue’s entrance into this season’s cheap airfare wars by publicizing some domestic fares as low as $20 one-way. Jetblue getting Into The Cheap Airfare Game Today’s deal is even more incredible!  Read this article written by…


White Wine Health

Wine Health: White Wine May Increase Risk Of Melanoma

Researchers From Brown University Were Trying To Determine If Alcohol Consumption Increased Melanoma Risk Over the past few months, I have posted a few times about the health benefits derived from drinking wine, particularly red wine. Here are some of those posts: Is Losing Weight One of the Wine Health Benefits? Another In The Line…


Wine Cork

Is Wine Cork Taint A Thing Of The Past?

Some Researchers In Portugal Think They Have Found A Solution Many of us after purchasing that all important bottle of wine and are disappointed when we find that the wine has been tainted or corked by TCA, or Trichloroanisole, should be happy to learn that these occurrences many diminish very soon. In case you haven’t had…