Wine Country Travel Tip – How To Survive Airport Security Gridlock

Sometimes all the planning in the world isn’t good enough when planning to pass through airport screening in enough time to catch your plane on any trip, let alone a wine country travel excursion.  I thought if I planned enough ahead that we would safely get through airport security in time to catch our plane. …


Wine and Pie Pairings

Pie and Wine Pairing

We Need To Know What Pie Tastes Best With Wine I guess I should have reverse the order and stated above “What Wines Taste Best with Pie”.  But when it comes to food with wine, I normally start with the wine and think about how the food pairs with the wine, and not vice versa.…


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Cultural Differences Outside The United States

Best To Know Them Before Traveling Overseas Picture yourself being on your first trip to Germany.  You have been waiting for this trip for months and the moment arrives where you are enjoying the first fabulous meal in the country you have never visited before.  You get the check, look it over, and because the…