United Airlines

United Airlines Passenger Forcibly Removed From Plane

United Airlines First Overbooks Flight Then Removes Passenger On a day that the United States has a heavy heart due to another school shooting in San Bernardino, CA, we learn that United Airlines forcibly, or some report, violently, removes a passenger from a plane that was overbooked. To learn all the details, read this article…


Parliament Building

London Terrorist Attack Leaves 4 Dead And 20 Injured

Westminster Area Still On Lockdown A terrorist ran his car up on the bridge adjacent to London’s Parliament Building and severely injured many and killed one pedestrian.  The London Terrorist Attack then continued as the driver then rammed his car through a gate of the Parliament Building, attacked and killed a policeman with a knife, and…


Mtn Vista Winery Logo

Mountain Vista Winery Opens Door To Public

Soft Opening Scheduled For St. Patrick’s Day Rancho Cucamonga’s newest old winery is set to open its door this Friday, St. Patrick’s Day.  Mountain Vista Winery, located in the old Biane Winery building, not only makes wines for its guests, but they are unique in that they also provide other wine making services to the…