Riesling sign from Mosel River area Germany

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Riesling?

Like Most Things, There is ALWAYS Something New To Learn Riesling plays a very important role in our house.  Since it’s my wife’s favorite wine varietal, we normally have some available at most times. So by now, you have most likely figured out that we are big Riesling fans since I have written about our…


Portuguese Boxed Wine

Is Boxed Wine Worth Drinking?

The Answer May Surprise You! One afternoon I was visiting with the mother of one of my best friends, and we got started talking about the subject of wine.  I know, shocking, isn’t it! Anyway, as we started in on the subject, she asked me if I wanted some wine.  Since it is a rare…


German Winery Weingut Prum

Where To Go On Your Next Wine Country Vacation

Hopefully You Will Learn About An Area That You Haven’t Heard Of Before Since there are wineries in all fifty United States, wherever you live, you are close to a winery or a few wineries. But outside of the United States, which wine regions would you like to visit? Of course there are the heavy hitter…