Mt Hood Tiny House Atticus

Mini Vacation Ideas in Oregon Wine Country

Help To Save The Environment Too! Are you getting bored with the same old vacation itinerary where you book your family into a real expensive, but extremely nice, hotel or resort along with the crowds of people, and not have the opportunity to enjoy the local environment?  Then you probably want to read this article written…


Steven Spurrier

What Does Napa Wine Tasting Owe Steven Spurrier?

Quite A Bit In Fact The next time you are in Napa Wine tasting, you may want to think about the influence that Steven Spurrier wielded while leading the 1976 Judgement of Paris.  It wasn’t so much that Steven Spurrier influenced the judges to vote a certain way, it was more about Steven having the foresight…


Delta Airlines Airplane

Another Airline Computer Glitch?

These Are Happening Too Frequently This past Monday another computer glitch occurred that grounded thousands of flyers around the world.  Delta Airlines, which is the second major carrier to have a computer problem affecting thousands of travellers (Southwest Airlines had another computer glitch a few weeks back) stranded thousands of their customers that kept them…


Old Vines Zinfandel

Awesome Old Vines Zinfandel At Ironstone Vineyards

If You Are A Lover Of Old and Ancient Vines Zinfandel, Then This Winery Is For You! On a recent trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains located in Northern California, I made a stop into the Ironstone Vineyards Property.  What drew me in were my family members who were telling me off of Highway 4 that…


Old Wine Barrel

Winemaking Using Multi-Oaked Wine Barrels

A Palette of Flavors and Aromas at a Winemaker’s Disposal I find it refreshing to know that winemakers around the world are not resting on their laurels or traditions, and are willing to try something new.  But I never considered that the area some winemakers would concentrate on was the oak wine barrels and how…


Christmas Dolls

European Christmas Cruises Not Impacted By Terrorism

Travelers See Terrorism As A Global Issue, Not Just a European Problem World and Wine Getaways has been writing for a few months now that air fares to European Destinations are ridiculously cheap.  Here are some past blog posts on the subject: Round Trip Airfare To Paris For Under $500 Low Cost Flights Still Getting…