Southwest Canyon Blue

More Southwest Airlines Options In The Future?

With Computer System Changes Ahead Maybe So With Southwest Airlines making changes to its computer systems in the coming weeks, is it possible that we will see more options when booking Southwest Airlines flights? When I first saw the headline for this article written by Justin Bachman from Bloomberg how Southwest Airlines was making changes and…


Chapin Red and White Wine Glasses

Best Temecula Winery

You May Be Surprised By Our Choice Deciding which winery is the best out of the 40 or so located in Temecula is a tough thing to do.  One reason is that depending on the criteria used to make your selection will dictate which wineries would be best in that category.  So to clear up any…


Chapin White Wine Glass

Great Chardonnay Wine from Chapin Family Vineyards

Another Outstanding Well Crafted Wine When it comes to selecting which wineries to visit in Temecula, there are two that I visit almost every time.  The first is South Coast Winery and Spa because of the fine wines that are consistently produced, a very relaxing spa and pool, villas and hotel, world class restaurant, and…



Low Cost Flights Still Getting Americans to Europe

Even Despite the Numerous Terrorist Attacks in Large European Cities Although we continue to hear about attacks to airports, theaters, nightclubs, and other large venues across Europe, Americans are still taking advantage of the numerous low cost flights to Europe.  The difference though is that many of these American travelers are going to smaller cities…


Cookies and Wine

Wine and Cookie Pairings

The Most Comprehensive List Around Picture yourself making your favorite cookies over the Christmas Holidays.  You’re in the middle of making your cookies, and suddenly, but not shockingly, you want some wine to go with your cookies. When this dilemma arises, do you know what wine and cookie pairings go with your favorite cookie? When…


malibu wine tasting

More On Unique Malibu Wine Tasting Excursion

Nice Wineries To Visit In The Malibu Wine Country Region The first winery we visited on our Malibu Wine Tasting adventure was the Cornell Tasting Room and Winery.  Out of the 4 wineries we visited on this day, the Cornell Tasting Room was by far our favorite. Why you might ask?  For one, we were able…