Intelligent wine poster

Is Wine Education Best Enjoyed By Learning Quickly?

Earlier this morning I attended a technology class, and over the course of a 3 hour period, I was inundated with information about technology.  To be more specific, the topic was learning about computer technology. After I had some time to breathe and take in the information I had just learned, I began wondering if…


2011 Cowboy Canyon Meritage

Wine Tasting Orange County CA – Cowboy Canyon Winery

A Small But Great Winery for Wine Tasting In Orange County CA Don’t be surprised, but there is another Southern California location to visit for having fun and enjoying some great wine.  Now I know the term ‘great’ means different things to different people, especially when it come to describing wine and it’s tasting room.…


Tasting Room at Giracci Vineyards

Wine Tasting Orange County CA – Giracci Vineyards

Memorable Wine Tasting in Orange County at Giracci Vineyards For quite a while, I have wanted to make the hour or so drive from my home in Rancho Cucamonga to nearby Orange County California to taste some of their wine.  I have tasted in many wine country regions throughout Southern California, and the whole West…



Wine Country Travel Deals – Rising Dollar and Falling Euro Making Its Mark On Wine Industry

Wine Country Travel Deals have been hard to come by over the past few years.  Especially, if you have been wanting to take an airplane trip to Tuscany, Spain, or Germany.  But with the fall of the Euro, making that special trip overseas may not be too much out of the question. I remember when…


Cloudy Bay Sauvignon blanc 2014

New Zealand Wine Country Vacation 2013 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Although a New Zealand Wine Country Vacation may not be at the top of most oenophile’s wine country destinations, fortunately for us we can experience the wine from New Zealand by purchasing it from a local grocery store, BevMo or Total Wine. Or you can do what I did and order a glass of it…


Wine Tasting Tips

What To Do At A Wine Tasting – Wine Glasses Matter

Many people who are new to wine tasting feel intimidated by the seemingly important ritual that wine tasters take part in. But it is important to remember that what to do at a wine tasting is less important than enjoying yourselves and hopefully drinking some good wine. But with that being said, there is one…