Hotels in Temecula Wine Country – South Coast Winery Hotel and Villas

There are many hotels in Temecula Wine Country that are very nice to spend the weekend at.  Two of the nicer resort hotels are located on the property at South Coast Winery Resort and Hotel. When South Coast winery first opened their doors for wine tasting back in 2003, in their tasting room they had…



Temecula Wine Tours – More South Coast Winery

Another reason we continue to go on Temecula Wine Tours and include South Coast Winery on the agenda is because we are wine club members at South Coast Winery.  If you are not familiar with what it means to be a wine club member, it means that you sign up with a winery of your…


Wine Tasting Miramonte Winery Temecula

Wine Age – How can you tell?

Today I have a wine tidbit about wine age that I thought I would share with you.  It is not a life shattering revelation, but it is knowledge that you can use someday to Wow your friends. So if you are like me, and have done lots of reading and have taken classes about how…


The Wine Tailor Wine Press

The Wine Tailor Winery – Cucamonga Valley Wine Trip

The Wine Tailor, located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, is in the Thomas Winery Building, which is considered one of the oldest winery buildings found in California.  This winery will always have a special place in my heart because we held a very special event about 10 years ago at this location. One of their draws…


San Antonio Winery Ontario

San Antonio Winery – Wine Country Visit

The San Antonio Winery main location is in downtown Los Angeles.  Fortunately, the winery has a couple of off-campus locations, with one of them being close to my house. Normally, wineries that have satellite winery locations have tasting rooms that are smaller than the main location.  This is not the case with San Antonio Winery. …


Joseph Filippi Winery Barrel

Joseph Filippi Winery – Wine Country Visit

In 1987 my wife and I moved out to a small town called Rancho Cucamonga.  At that time it was a small town.  The housing boom had just started, and the only area that we could afford to live in was Rancho Cucamonga. We found a nice house off of Baseline Road for $87,000.  And…


Galleano Winery Wine Barrel

Galleano Winery – Cucamonga Valley Wine Country

I have been fortunate to have visited many wineries over my 15 or so years and have tasted some outstanding wines.  And over time, even though I may have tasted some of the best wines in the world, it is nice once in a while to visit a place and taste some wines that are…



White Wine Christmas Dinner Ideas

If you are still pondering about what white wine Christmas Dinner ideas that should be on your table this Christmas Season, then you are in luck.  There never seems to be a shortage of articles that help us to make choosing wines that pair well with our special dinners easier.  And Christmas Time is no…


Salish Lodge 2

Salish Lodge Wine Country Trip at Snoqualmie Falls

Even though a wine country trip is almost always in order when we visit the northwest corner of the United States, the Seattle,Washington area is a beautiful place to visit in its own right.  Since it rains nearly all year round, there are plenty of tall green trees, cool weather, and the air is always…