Rose Wine Glass

Rose Wine Tasting – The Rise of Rose

As I mentioned in my last blog article entitled “Wine Country Travel – Painful But True Facts About Being A Wine Connoisseur” , I have some definite opinions (mostly negative opinions when it comes to Rose Wine) about some aspects of the world of wine.  I won’t rehash all of them here, but one that…



The Wine Industry – Painful But True Facts About Being a Wine Connoisseur

Over the course of the last few years of my wine-drinking life, I have developed some strong opinions about various topics related to wine.  For example, I don’t like drinking wine out of a tin can (Right Suzanne?).  I also many times do not like to go to restaurants that use what I consider to…


Champage Glass Shapes

Wine Tasting Vacation – Does the Shape of Champagne Glasses Matter?

When I am on a wine tasting vacation, I expect to experience certain things in wine country, of course in addition to tasting wine.  And since I have been a wine drinker for a number of years now and have definite opinions on the shape of wine glasses and the importance of using the proper…



Wine Country Travel Tip – How To Survive Airport Security Gridlock

Sometimes all the planning in the world isn’t good enough when planning to pass through airport screening in enough time to catch your plane on any trip, let alone a wine country travel excursion.  I thought if I planned enough ahead that we would safely get through airport security in time to catch our plane. …


Wine Shipping Box

Wine Country Vacation Travel Tip – Should Shipping Wine Home Be So Difficult?

  Over the past few visits on my wine country vacation travels around the world, I am seeing a disturbing theme.  It is a theme that I had not given too much thought about since the world is so interconnected through the internet via computers, and many forms of mass shipping, that I never thought…


Discerning Aromas & Flavors in wine

Wine Tasting Tours – How To Enjoy Wine More

In my many wine tasting tours, I have found that how people enjoy wine varies from one person to another.  On the professional side, meaning those wine drinkers who are in the profession and taste and provide critique on hundreds of wines over the course of a year, when these people are ‘on the clock’,…



Napa Valley Vacation – 12 Essential Napa Restaurants

When oenophiles go to Northern California and expect to have a great time tasting wine on a Napa Valley Tour, the often overlooked component of the trip is to also enjoy world class dining.  I have been on a Napa Valley Vacation many times and have had a countless number of these memorable experiences. For…



Riesling and White Wine Heaven in Finger Lakes Wine Country

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Finger Lakes Wine Country in New York State to take a wine tour.  Prior to the trip, I had it in my head that this region would probably have some great Rieslings and other great white wines.  What I found was pretty much along…



Wine Country Trip – Texas Hill Country Wineries Visit

My on-going wine country journey last week took me to Texas Hill Country where I was able to visit a couple of wine regions within the state.  My first stop was in the Texas Hill Country Wineries Region.  The area is located a few miles west of Austin, Texas and stretches about 70 miles west…