Time to Panic on my Woodinville Winery Tour

The second to last tasting room to visit for the day on my Woodinville Winery Tour was to the Baer Winery.  It is located in the farthest corner of the Woodinville WA Warehouse District.  I probably would not have gone here if it were not for the wine pourers at Guardian Cellars who recommended that…



Woodinville Wine Tasting at Guardian Cellars Adds Additional Level of Comfort

I haven’t been to many (maybe any?) wine tasting rooms where the owner and winemaker is an ex-policeman.  Well that’s what you get when you are in Woodinville Wine Tasting at Guardian Cellars in Woodinville WA.  That’s right!  Jerry Riener was a policeman who turned winemaker.  As you might well imagine, this didn’t happen overnight. …



Wine Tasting in Woodinville at Obelisco Estate Winery

Wine Tasting in Woodinville is very convenient when you are in a specific part of town.  That is because a few doors down from Elevation Cellars in Woodinville’s Warehouse District is a tasting room for Obelisco Estate Winery.  They have one of the nicer tasting rooms in this area. The wines are also a bit…



Woodinville Wine Country – Warehouse District

The first stop on my Woodinville Wine Country journey through Washington, Oregon, and California was to the Warehouse District in Woodinville WA.  Since I arrived in Washington on a weekend, and I knew that the warehouse district was only open on weekends, the warehouse district was my logical first stop. When my wife (Tina) and…