Pride of Cucamonga Wine Bottle

It’s Time To Take A Cucamonga Wine Tour

A Trip Through California’s Original Wine Country! There are many reasons to feel lucky living in California.  The one big reason that comes to my mind first is that within an hour, you can hop in your car and be at the beach, the mountains, theme parks, or the desert.  I have lived in California…

Ponte Vecchio Bridge at dusk

Romantic Valentine’s Getaways

Unforgettable Spots To Take That Special Someone If you are still mulling over where to take your significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I found some more ideas to consider. Read this article put out by Bianca Bahamondes for The Daily Meal called “19 Breathtakingly Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways” if you are looking to go…

Couples Travel

Can A Couples Getaway Bring You Closer Together?

My Experience Says ABSOLUTELY! Have you ever been on a trip and not run into some kind of problem?  If you’re like most people, it is almost inevitable that some kind of issue will arise while you are on a vacation or trip.  I can’t remember a time where something did not go according to…

Robert Mondavi Visitor Center

World’s Most Popular Wines

I Can Attest To Most That Made The List When you are in a local wine shop or grocery store, are you overwhelmed by the many choices of wine that are available?  For example, it you have visited Total Wine & More, there are literally hundreds of wines to choose from while strolling down their…

Lodi Wineries Sign

Lodi Wine Tasting Heads California Inland Valley Wine Region

Great Wine Being Produced In CA Outside Napa This past July on a trip I took to Northern California to a family reunion, I decided to make a stop into a wine country region that I heard great things about, but hadn’t experienced first hand.  That wine region is Lodi. I had heard that some…

Vineyard Equipment

Is Vineyard Equipment Automation A Good Thing?

How Will The Quality Of The Wine Be Affected? Business owners in all industries are on a constant watch to reduce costs.  And frankly, you can’t blame them! Competition is so real nowadays that owners are always looking for ways to gain a leg up on their competitors. And one of those ways that costs…

Haunted Winery

Tis The Season To Visit Some Haunted Wineries

It’s Not So Far Fetched Think about this.  An old winery building sits in the middle of an open meadow with no other buildings within site.  In the evenings a dark mist from the fog rolling over the vineyard envelops itself over the vines.  Add in wine lovers who love to tell stories after drinking…