Middle Seat On An Airplane

Although Not Guaranteed, There Are Some Methods To Try

I remember as a child, thinking how exciting it would be to fly on an airplane.  We didn’t have a whole lot of money, so we never did take a trip that involved flying on an airplane.

The first time I did get to fly on an airplane, I was 18 years old.  I made a short flight from Ontario, CA to San Francisco, CA to visit a friend who was in the hospital downtown.  So since I had the money, I decided to go up and visit him.

At that time, I was so excited to get on a plane for the first time, I don’t remember if I was uncomfortable by sitting in a middle seat or not.

Now that I have flown quite a few times, and have read about how airlines are trying to squeeze as much out of every inch of a plane that we are crammed in like sardines, my viewpoint of flying has changed dramatically.

Granted, in between my initial flight to San Francisco and now, we have had a significant event that occurred, 9-11, that has changed flying forever.  But I am not addressing the security involved at boarding in this article.  I am referring to the amount of space on the middle seat on an airplane.

I guess the one reason why I don’t like about complaining about this issue too much is that I don’t want to viewed as some elitist type person who is not grateful for the opportunity to fly on an airplane.  I recognize that not all people are able to fly period, since I was in that same position for the first 18 years of my life.

But I feel that even with the potential of being viewed as some ingrate type person, I need to voice my concerns.

And the main reason why I think this issue has reared its head all comes down to one thing.

In my prior career before getting into the wine travel industry, I had a wise gentleman continually remind of one thing while we were trying to figure out the decisions of some management at our company.  What he would say is “FOLLOW THE MONEY”.  Oh how right he is (Thanks Phil!).

This is precisely the reason why we are crammed into our seats, let alone the middle seat.  It comes down to money.  The more seats the airline can cram into a plane, the more money they can make!

And the middle seat issue is not the only policy that airlines have taken a hit on lately.  Remember how just a couple months back the airlines were taking a series of black eyes on how they were treating customers while literally pulling people of planes?

Some day, the airlines are going to get it.  But they need to sincerely look us in the eyes and tell us when they are making the seat-size policy change, to not only tell us about the change, but to mean it.

When the CEO of United Airlines came on TV and was apologizing for the conduct of his crew, this happened to be a few days AFTER he had come on TV and said that the crew acted appropriately!

So now that I am done with my rant, we’ll see how soon, if ever, the airlines wake up and make the needed changes to their policies and do the right thing.  Airlines need to conduct a paradigm shift and start believing they are in business for the customers, NOT their shareholders.

But before that happens, if you want to learn how to avoid the middle seat on an airplane, read this article written by Benjamin Zhang for Tech Insider entitled “Here’s How To Avoid The Most Dreaded Seat On A Plane“.



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