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More Changes To Hopefully Make Travel Safer, But Not Necessarily More Convenient

It’s hard for me to be critical of the TSA while they try to balance the security of the flying public against making flying almost unbearable.  The long lines at the security checkpoint introduce us to just half of the “joy” we all get to experience before we board the plane.

But then I read this article written by Katherine LaGrave for Conde Nast Traveler called “TSA Is Asking People To Remove Books From Their Carry-ons“, and was a bit surprised.  Many of us passengers have been bringing books onto airplanes for many years now, and it hasn’t been a problem.  But all of a sudden it is?

OK, I need to now remember the first sentence of this post.  I’m fine now, thanks.  Anyway, just be prepared for this if you happen to board an airplane at one of the United States cities that are testing this new procedure.

If you are interested in reading more details about what is in the airport security pipeline, take a look at this article written by James Shillinglaw for the Insider Travel Report called “US Enhances Aviation Security But Doesn’t Ban Laptops“.


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