United Airlines

Two Previous “Apologies” Were Unsuccessful Leading To Plummeting Stock Price

Over my 51 years on this planet, I’ve learned that the only thing that leads to real change is for a really bad thing to happen.  This can be traced back to the civil rights riots in the 1950’s, to the 9/11 disaster, and now, but much to a lesser degree of importance, the incident over the weekend where a passenger on board a United Airlines flight, was forcibly removed from a flight.

Luckily nowadays cell phones are so prevalent that video can record the incidents as they happen.  And equally important, the video can be shown to millions.

But even with all that, the CEO of United Airlines had to attempt 3 apologies before really trying to affect change in how overbooked flights are handled.

I wonder if it had anything to do with UAL’s stock price that has plummeted over the last couple of days.  Remember, Money Talks.

We’ll see what comes out of this incident.  Hopefully some needed change in policy takes place such that customers are placed ahead of company policy.

If you wish to read an update on this story, read this article written by Avi Selk and Lori Aratani for the Washington Post named “United Airlines CEO apologizes for “horrific event”, promises review of policies after passenger violently deplaned“.


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